Practised reincarnation 
My incredible experiences
by Clemens Kuby

available as DVD and online Stream

While filming my award-winning documentary "Living Buddha," an even more dramatic story about life, death, and reincarnation began. 

On his way to identifying the reincarnation of the Living Buddha, Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche died. Two years later we find his reincarnation. I follow his new life until he is almost 20 years old. I want to be sure that he is the real Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche I venerate. 

His brother Topga is one of the main characters in this film, he bestows on Jamgon a brand new BMW in which he dies two days later. Topga cannot believe that the encountered reincarnation is his brother. He is looking for a proof (Looking for a Sign). 

Even for people to whom reincarnation does not mean anything, this documentary is an intense, mind-blowing and exciting story.

The filming with Jamgon began in 1976 and intensified in 1992 at his death, then continued until 2016 creating 350 hours of film and video material. They were condensed in "Reincarnation - Looking for a Sign" with 108 minutes and in the book "Practised reincarnation" with 385 pages.

Film and book answer the questions:

"Who was I? Who am I? Who will I be?"

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September 27th to 29th,
EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam


Opening ceremony

Opening film: Reincarnation – Looking for a Sign (108 min)


Reincarnation – Is it our destiny? Workshop (90 min). 

EYE Film Museum
IJpromenade 1
NL-1031 KT Amsterdam

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Jamgon_mit_Valerio - 1987

Here is the archive of the teachings of Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche collected by Valerio Albsietti over three years:

Online Seminar:
Tracing Reincarnation

(available from 2020)

Didn't you always care where you came from?
What did you bring into this life?
And where your development could go?

Isn't it unsatisfactory to see yourself as a victim of your destiny and possibly to believe before and after your existence that there is nothing but fog, black, nothing or a mystical idea that doesn't carry in an emergency?

Online Seminar: Spurensuche Reinkarnation

In this seminar you will learn to recognize the traces that show you your life in a stream of development without beginning and without end, completely self-determined. Why is it the way it is and how does it become the way you want it to be?

The singular life becomes a continuum. For this we look at our pre-life and our next life. This opens up undreamt-of new possibilities, which we deal with in the seminar. Death loses its terror and you lose your fear of it. You develop a meaningful idea that gives joy. The earlier you do this, the more beautiful and successful your life is today. With grief you will have no more problem. Not only you, every being is a continuum.

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(available from 2020)

Seminars: Tracing Reincarnation (German spoken)